About MJ’s Brass Boppers

About MJ's Brass Boppers Brass Band SF

About MJ’s Brass Boppers New Orleans Style Brass Band

The Bay Area’s only New Orleans style brass band with musicians born and raised in NOLA, San Francisco based MJ’s Brass Boppers is a singing and swinging brass-line ready to party at a drop of a dime.

As if you were following a brass band down Claiborne Ave., with the Brass Boppers you will have an authentic second-line experience with true New Orleans flair.

Unlike other brass bands in the area MJ’s Brass Boppers is not a group of musicians who get slapped together for your event. The musicians in MJ’s Brass Boppers are a tight group who love the music, and are constantly rehearsing to refine the art they share with passion. Within seconds of hearing MJ’s Brass Boppers you can tell that this is not a group that happens to play a few New Orleans tunes, but rather a band that lives the music, with the second-line beat pulsing through their veins.

With New Orleans style and California sophistication, MJ’s Brass Boppers can perform at any event imaginable, giving everyone a huge smile and lifted spirit!

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